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Vegetarian Dishes

Small tomatoes Italian style, zucchini and goat cheese zucchini, spit of Tahoe and mushrooms, …

Fresh pasta salad (4 people)
Grilled vegetables with garlic mayonaise
Tahoe and mushrooms skewer (4 people)
Tomatoes Italian style (4 people)
Mushrooms filled with spice cheese (4 people)
Courgette and goat cheese wrap (4 people)
Spicy goat cheese packages (4 people)
Grilled eggplant rolls with feta and sun-dried tomatoes (serves 4)
Corn on the cob with hot butter (serves 4)
Grilled baby artichoke with nut dressing (serves 4)
Skewer of new potatoes and eggplant (serves 4)
Corn on the cob with chilli butter (serves 4)
Stuffed tomatoes (serves 4)
Grilled eggplant (serves 4)


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