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Garlic rolls, olive oil and lemon dressing, puffed potatoes, ...

Garlic rolls (4 people)
Potatoes in peel (6-8 people)
Roasted corncobs (4 people)
Filled pepper rolls (4 people)
Olive oil and lemon juice dressing
Mushrooms with scallots (4 people)
Tortilla with zucchini and melted goat cheese (4 people)
Quesadillas (4 people)
Grilled Mexican onions (6 people)
Chicken and beef saté with peanut sauce
Spizy Turkish bread (4 people)
Easy recipe for fantastic herb butter!
Pumpkin soup (serves 4)
Bengali stew
Grilled baby artichoke with nut dressing (serves 4)
Fresh tortilla (serves 4)
Mango salad (serves 4)
Turmeric rice (serves 4)


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