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Meat Dishes

Grilled ribs, ribs with spice butter, grilled liver with apple, …

Grilled liver with small apples (4 people)
Ribs with spices butter
Grilled liver with small apples (4 people)
Shish Kebab (6 people)
Spanish skewer (4 people)
Sausage tropical (4 people)
Provenšal sausages (4 people)
Cevapcici from Yugoslavia (4 people)
Meatballs skewers from Hawaii
Rolls filled with liver sausage (4 people)
Pork ribs in Mexican barbecuesauce (4 people)
Roasted Drumsticks
Shashlik (Turkish skewer)
Grilled ribs (8 people)
Deer steak skewers with rosemary (aperitief bites for )8 people
Hare fillet, pumpkin and potato skewers (8 people)
Greek chicken skewers (6 people)
Greek meat skewers (4 people)
Turkish barbecue skewers (4 people)
Turkish meatballs skewers (4 people)
Izgara K÷fte (grilled meatballs) (4 people)
Spit-roasted pork tenderloin with mango and lemongrass (4 persons)
Chicken breast in olive oil with garlic and mixed herbs
Grilled sirloin steak with fresh Bearnaise sauce and grilled tomato and ciabatta
Turkey roll (serves 4)
Lamb crow roast (serves 4)
Winter Hot Dog (serves 4)
Tandoori chicken legs (serves 4)
Sausage skewer with bell pepper, onion and bacon (serves 4)
Duck brochette with orange and red onion (serves 4)
Pork tenderloin in an orange marinade (serves 4)
Steak with fresh tomato butter (serves 4)
Lamb chops with sesame crust (serves 4)
Grilled turkey with white wine
Chicken skewers with bell peppers (serves 4)
Marinated steak (serves 4)
Skewered new potatoes and bacon (serves 4)
Lamb cutlets (serves 4)


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