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Fish Dishes

Mussels on the spit, spiced trout, flounder in foil, papillots with salmon and cod Italian style, …

Mussels on skewer(4 people)
Grilled trout
Norman shrimps (4 people)
Tungrolls with shrimp filling (4 people)
Papillot of salmon and cod prepared the Italian way (4 people)
Flounder papillot (4 people)
Grilled salmon (4 people)
Grilled calamares (sepia) a la plancha
Fish souvlaki (4 people)
Snacks: mussels on the grill
Moules Escargot
Paella (serves 8)
Butterfish with wok vegetables
Butterfish with wok vegetables
Salmon en papillotte (serves 4)
Salmon (serves 12)
Sardines with spicy salsa (serves 4)
Marinated salmon (serves 4)
Stuffed squid (serves 4)
Salmon with dill (serves 4)
Thai prawns marinated in coconut milk and lemon skewer (serves 4)
Halibut with lemon (serves 4)
Grilled sardines (serves 4)


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